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Welded Jons by:             
Yamaha G3 Guide V16 XT
Yamaha F15 Manual
EZ Loader Trailer 1417/1250

Package Price $4,995


The Guide V series boats are wide, stable, fishing platforms. Perfect for the sportsman searching for value and who is ready to move up to the quality of G3. These easy-fishing models may be one of the best buys for the everyday fisherman.

Guide V16 XT Yamaha F15 EZ Trailer  
Length 16 ’ 6” 4 Stroke B1417/1250
Beam 61 ” 2 Cyl. Wt. 310 lbs.
Bottom Width 50 ” SOHC 12” Wheels
Transom Height 20" Manual Start 2 Bunks
Bow Depth 23" Weight 118  
Weight 260 lbs.  
Gauge .064
Max H.P. 25
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