FAQ About Aluminum Boats in Anchorage, AK

Why Buy an Aluminum Boat?
  1. Aluminum boats are affordable. You get more for your dollar with an aluminum boat.
  2. Aluminum boats, because of their lighter weight are easier to handle by one person.
  3. Aluminum boats require smaller, lighter and less expensive motors.
  4. Aluminum boats are easier to tow behind today’s smaller cars. A Lund SSV-16′ (321 lbs.), F25 Yamaha Outboard (141 lbs.) and trailer (300 lbs.) total only 762 lbs. Even the smallest cars can tow at least 1000 lbs.
  5. Aluminum boats are virtually maintenance free.
  6. Aluminum boats are corrosion resistant so they can be used in salt or freshwater.
  7. Aluminum boats are worry-free. (Say you scratch your boat; with an aluminum boat, most people say “big deal” and keep on fishing.)
  8. Aluminum boats hold their resale value.
  9. Aluminum boats don’t harm the environment ­ they are recyclable.
  10. Aluminum boats are fun. How do you beat a day on the water with your family or friends in affordable boat?
Why Buy from Dewey’s Cook Inlet?
  1. We have the largest selection of aluminum boats in the State of Alaska.
  2. We have been in business for 50 plus years and are owned and operated by Alaskans.
  3. We have knowledgeable full-time factory-trained service technicians (with over 60 years’ combined experience.)
  4. We have experienced, helpful sales people and we operate without any high-pressure sales gimmicks.
  5. We buy in super-large quantities and pass these volume savings along to you.
  6. We own and use aluminum boats ourselves, so we can speak from experience about them.
  7. We are serious about aluminum boats. We don’t sell them as a sideline or afterthought.
  8. We treat our customers like family, in an open, business-like manner.
  9. We want your business, and strive to earn it.
  10. We stock Hewescraft, Lund, Sea Ark, G3, Duckworth and Riverhawk aluminum boats, Yamaha Outboards, and EZ Loader Trailers.

Questions & Answers about Aluminum Boats

Q. What is the best brand of aluminum boat?

A. You really have to compare specifications and design from the manufacturers for the size boat you want. All companies make different gauge and size models, but the quality may vary between models. Our buyers are constantly searching to find top-notch products at reasonable prices. The manufacturers we represent are all at the top of the aluminum boat industry.

Q. What does gauge metal mean?

A. The gauge is simply the thickness of the metal, measured in thousandths of an inch. Hence, the higher the gauge, the thicker the metal.

Q. How big of a boat do I need to move around in?

A. In general terms, most people need a boat with a 36″ bottom to comfortably walk around in. The length of the boat makes very little difference in terms of stability. Boats with a 48″ or wider bottom are very stable. Several people can move around in these boats.

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