HewesCraft 18′ Sportsman

Boat Features & included equimpment
2 Swivel Seats
No Feedback Steering
24 Gallon Fuel Tank
Fish Box
Windshield Wipers
Canvas Top
Nav. Lights
Trailer Side Guides
Spare Tire and Mount
4 Life Vests
Throwable Cushion
Fire Extinguisher
Flare Kit
Boat Hook
150′ Rope
8′ Chain

Often imitated, but never duplicated

 The Sportsman is unmatched in its class and has been our best-selling boat for more than a decade. It’s hard to believe that a hull this rugged can have a bow this sleek and outstanding fuel economy to boot—but that’s exactly why the Sportsman is so popular. Plus, it’s small enough to launch on your own and safe enough for the whole family to enjoy. If you’re looking for a great value, or a boat to pass on to your kids, this is where you start.

We’ve learned that the best way for your family to enjoy the lakes and rivers of the Pacific Northwest is to leave your worries behind.                                                 

That’s exactly why we created the Sportsman. Offering a combination of strength, safety, economy, and ease-of-use that no boat in its class can match, the Sportsman doesn’t cut corners. Instead, it delivers the proven strength of our all-welded aluminum construction with a design that’s light enough to be quick on the water and very easy to tow. And with its gunwale flotation system and high sides, the Sportsman is also light on concerns. That’s something every family loves.

F50 19 MPH 4000 2.3
F50 29 MPH 5600 4.8
F90 21 MPH 3500 2.9
F90 40 MPH 6000 9.4
18′ Sportsman Yamaha F50 4-Stroke Spec. EZ Loader Trailer Spec.
Length 18’5″ 4 CYL. Model TB1720/2350
Beam 86″ 60.8CI Weight 649 lbs.
Bottom Width 66″ DOHC Fuel Injection Bunks
Side Height 29″ Starting – Electric
Bottom Gauge .160″ Weight 237 lbs
Side Gauge .100″
Deadrise Forward 31°
Deadrise Aft 10°
Weight 1200 lb.
Max HP 115
Max Persons 5

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